ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All businesses go through different phases of evolution.  Big changes are on the horizon for  The first change is that McManly is no longer available on this website.  McManly is available at our locations at Junk Street Gypsies in Visalia, CA and Third Treasure Rescued and Repurposed Upcycled Goods in Sanger, CA  on Etsy (click on the badge in the margin of this website.  That will take you to McManly's Facebook page. Click on the "shop now" button.  That will take you to our Etsy site.  Or you can just click here.. Please remember, our beard oil has been officially copywritten and all that legal mumbo-jumbo. 

We have items coming and going frequently so get 'em while there here. If you don't see an item you're looking for please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Oh!  Please feel free to write a review here on our website.  Thanks for stopping by.

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